Different Personalities...

Everyone of us has different sides of our own personality. Of course each of us is a unique one  with a special character and various aspects. Beside the differences between the personalities we have very different sides in ourselves. And so we behave in different ways with our family or with our colleges. To have a short chat with my neighbors is totally something else than to have a deep conversation with my very closest friends. 


And the next point is: We don´t really behave daily the same. Right? Sometimes we could just kiss the whole world or are just absolutely normal, unspectacular. Sometimes we´re groggy, don´t want to talk to anybody and just want to work at our working desk alone. On the other side there´s the team player in us, one who wants a democratic decision.


So, I take this experience and try to show totally different aspects of my own personality. A real and very honest challenge. Enjoy and take the chance to look after your own various roles in yourself. 



 Rocker´s Girl, Annette


This is me, exactly me as I look like today. I don´t make a mess out of my age on the side and on the other side I pull my leather jacket over when I want to.

I decided a pretty time ago to enjoy my life as it is. It doesn´t make any sense to moan about things I don´t have. Moaning doesn´t even make it better and so: I enjoy my daily life and am absolutely ready for the next wonderful challenge.






Fancy Sunglasses


I had so much fun because I bought myself these fancy sunglasses. I´ve a couple of sunglasses but these ones made me laughing over my whole face. And there was no need to have a huge make-up or being dressed lovely. Even with a simple summer dress and fancy glasses ones can have so much fun. My daughter Miriam was less surprised (I felt myself so courageous!) - she just said: "Cool, Mom! You look good."






I name this part of me Claire. "Claire" means shiny, brightly and this is exactly what I am. To cook for my family or for friends who sit in my kitchen and we enjoy in meantime a glass of wine, chatting, laughing and just making nonsense. That´s Claire, that´s me.

Can you hear the loud music? Can you hear my friends chatting, talking, discussing? This is exactly what could happen in this moment. 

 Do you know this man?


I send this pic to my mom and asked her weather she knows who this guy is. She said no, who is that?? 

I send it to my daughters and both just answered: "Ag, Mom...you´ve got that app now, too?"

To the beginning:

An afternoon after work. I set on my terrace and was tired and bored as well. I didn´t wanted to move myself or do something else- but I did wanted to do something crazy.

I scrolled the pics in diverse social media up and down and then finally had the idea! I wanted to know how I would look like as a man. Searching for an app you don´t have to look far: There it was:  A face-app.

You make a selfie and the app changes it automatically into the opposite sex. So, may I introduce: This is Johannes. John. You can call him John.



Brave Warrior


Watch out what you say!

This is a moment I don´t make jokes and I´m not to be trifled with.

I don´t beat about the bush and am ready to fight!




Puh, Dolores... what a person! Her name means pain - in a very christian way. You don´t want to meet her and I by myself try to hide her as often as possible.

Dolores is very strict and you have to follow the rules. Otherwise  she will immediately show you how to behave. She doesn´t like jokes and even never makes jokes. But in one thing you can rely on her: She is absolutely honest. She is honest to herself, sometimes in a way that hurts a lot and very honest to everybody who comes nearer to her. If you want to have an honest opinion: Ask Dolores.


Hi everybody! Mrs Normal here,


This is a very relaxing moment. Friday evening and the weekly work is done. It takes time until I can relax and start into weekends slow motion.

Normally I´m a person who permanent makes plans, who is pretty restless and my mind is full with ideas. 

So this picture of me is a rare one. Just sitting there, looking relaxed into the camera and ready to enjoy a glass of wine. Cheers!

Creepy Room


I took an opportunity to make photos of myself in this creepy room. It´s a rustic atmosphere with lit candles, a rustic table and rough walls. It felt a bit like being in the Middle Age of our era. 

I put my camera in front of me then sat me on the table, gave a big smile and this is the result.

For the next time I will be dressed with medieval clothing.



Outside in The Nature


One of my favorites is to be outside in the nature in the middle of nowhere. To hike for a couple of hours at my own pace gives me a deep inner satisfaction. We all have to face our challenges during the week at work or with our families or whatever. I often find it pretty hard to let go and to endure the moment of nothing. I almost cannot stand it. But as soon as I´m in the nature I can let everything go. Nature is just there and just as it is. That calms me down and I feel secure.



The name Iris means full of colors, a real rainbow mentality and this is what I am. I give a sh.. to those who remind to follow the rules. Iris and Dolores hate each other and both cannot be in one room. 

Iris lives her life just like she wants to live it. She laughs loud out when something makes her laughing and you can be sure: To be in her company you always will have something to laugh. And be cautious: She loves to fool around and it could be herself or someone else...

Hi everybody, I´m called Lady Grey! But actually I do love colors. I mean life is grey and dark enough, isn´t? 

The most laughing point is, that people think as soon as you have crossed the line over a certain age you should be dressed in dusky pink and and lime green. Well, let us show them outside that our role model Iris Apfel is. What an amazing woman, so am I.

Ready to steel horses, often moving outside the lines, being unconventional, differently and do not fit in any categories. That makes life fascinating and excitingly!

Short Hair and Not a Copy


I stood up in the morning, looked into the mirror and decided immediately to visit a hairdresser. A couple of days before I saw an awesome picture from the actress Meg Ryan. She had a wonderful short hairstyle which I wanted to have, too. So I took this torn of piece of newspaper with her pic showed it to the hairdresser and demanded exactly the same haircut. My view must have been the same expression as that of the brave warrior because nobody contradicted me. The hairdresser finished her hard work with my hair and was not sure how I would react. I mean, she faced a female warrior...

I felt it very good but also realized in that moment:


You cannot be copy of anyone!


Crazy Ladies in Black and White


On my left side is my very old companion Lady Pebbles, Pebby, Pöbel, Pikachu, Lizzy - however you want to name or call her: She is the Boss!

No, she only looks cute, her very tiny body is a delusion - believe me. She can be a devil in a sheepskin.

Even if I shout out very loud she doesn´t bother at all. She goes her own way and you have only one choice: To follow her. Also very big dogs outside are taught better every day. She just turns around relaxed and looks straight ahead to them and there must be something we humans do not hear. But the big dogs, I mean the really very big dogs, take a step back, then the next one and this happens very slowly while keeping an eye on this tiny doggy, oh sorry, enemy! So, as I told you: She´s the boss!



A Dragqueen?


Maybe, maybe not. Who knows?


For me I just know how important it is to implement my crazy ideas. It is a part of my character to have a bit of a crazy mind. It makes me very comfortable to realize myself when I can make it happen. I still stay very close to my comfort zone but there´s something in me what would like to break out and make steps in a totally different direction. If you read this you would think I would change my sex? Oh no, false at all. I´m very proud to be a woman.

I mean changing the direction of my life. Maybe, maybe not. Who knows.

Daily Sight


This is how I do look daily at work. Normal and civilly good. My normal daily work. From Monday to Friday, day after day, week after week, month after month and at least year after year.


But as soon as I will have enough courage to get out of my comfort zone there will be other wonderful challenges that I want to experience. Until then I do my daily work as good as I can.









John, again


John was at the hairdresser´s. He thinks he is cool. 

Annette Markert Photograph



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