How to Get Older Without Looking Older

It was the last day before New Years Eve and I was bored. Terrible bored, I mean my house was cleaned up, telephone calls were done, a couple of pictures were taken this day already, have written a bit, have eaten enough (more than enough) and thought okay, take your time for your self: I will enjoy wellness. Remember: Lockdown! No journeys, no parties. All shops were and are closed. Nothing open. And that´s why I thought it´s time for wellness. Something to do very nice for me and myself.  Without a bathtub there have to be a few other ideas for a wellness afternoon. After a long shower, hair washing and while I  blow-dried my hair I thought: Darling, time for a new hair color. I mean, you´re getting older anyway. So why don´t you stand it? It´s the reality. I discussed a while with myself looking into the mirror the sudden idea came: Shining silver! Yes, there´re outside so many amazing looking women with fantastic shining silver hair. And they look sexy- oh my God- sooo sexy! I want to look sexy, too. As sexy as I can look like. I will look amazing sexy! The decision was made and before I understood what I was doing I already drove to the next drugstore. About 5km away. One way. I rushed into the shop straight ahead instinctively to the hair dyes. There I stood a while and tried to manage the huge selection of colors. You need hours to get a good overall view. I took my time and discovered what I was looking for: Shining silver! I took the little box, payed and drove the 5 km back home. I know how to color my hairs so didn´t have to read the instructions. The variable proportions were mixed and shaken, plastic gloves were on and so I started my work to color my hair from the hairline to the tips. I mean, being honest, you suffer a bit. It does not really smell nice, you look terrible and you hope urgently no one would come and visit you now. Oh, no, not possible: Lockdown. Ones can also be happy for a moment because of a shutdown. After 45min I washed out my hair and was so looking for the result. And there was it: Nothing. No grey, no silver shining grey. No shining silver. Nothing at all. I was so disappointed and grabbed in my hair searching for only one strand of grey. I stopped searching, ran to my laptop and googled: Shining grey or silver hair.

As you know searching for something on google you scroll up and down until you find a headline that aims your focus. So, here some news I didn´t wanted to know but have to: Brown hair cannot be colored into grey silver shining hair. Before you have to bleach your hair with hydrogen peroxide.

And there I was on my way to the drugstore again (this time with a knitted cap on my head and a facemask), hushed into the shop and stood there in right aisle and was over strained. I honestly didnt know what I really was looking for and read the color boxes one after the other. A young woman stood next to me and asked whether she could help me. She was´nt an employee of the drugstore but obviously took pity on me. Immediately I told her my story and she knew absolutely what to do. A little angel guided me for a moment and my eyes shined (not silver shining!) at her. She gripped two boxes out of the shelf, handed it to me and explained what to do. And I didnt forget to buy another silver grey shining hair color as well.

Back in my bathroom I laughed at myself and mixed the proportions again, smeared my hair with that mixture and thought about the story I would write about. I  also saw  the pics I would have taken about my changing...


After once again another 45 min I washed once again my hair out, blow-dried also once again and stared for at least several minutes into the mirror. No one in the whole world would never ever see how I looked like! No one!! Bang-orange! Orange?! What the hell? And then I really laughed so loud out about my stupid self thinking I could manage a job others need years for.

Good luck, I had the grey color and for the third? fourth? time I went through the whole process again. Coloring, waiting 45min, washing out and blow-drying. I did not expect anything anymore. I just knew I would look different. And hopefully not like an orange anymore- I looked different, neither grey nor blond nor brown. I nice color, yes, it´s fine. 

My lessons out of that experience: My hair is not ready for grey yet.... Ha!


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